10 thoughts on “Swan Morning”

  1. Thank you. A very grey day today. I need of a herd of swans to come thundering over the horizon and then I can Play Sibelius 5 at full blast to raise my spirits.
    Not sure thundering is the right verb that suggests Wagner and Valkyries. I think I’d better go and play some Bach to restore my equilibrium.

  2. Something special is about to happen, I looked up the swans and their migration. It also took a few seconds for me to realize those are the actual colors and not a change to the photo. Quite amazing.

  3. Hello Shirley I’m sure it’s warmer in Texas than it is here today. The quality of light is very special here and even on grey days the changes in light and texture are very subtle – it’s too easy to spend hours looking out of the window. Naturally there is a lot of Celtic mythology associated with swans – but that’s for another day.
    Just to help you and other curious visitors – the swan road is the sea (first appears in Beowulf the great Anglo Saxon epic poem) and a herd is just one of the names for a flock of swans.

  4. “Fint” as they say in Sweden. The sky here today was crystal clear and right now there are a million stars up there.

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