Green Envy

Helleborus bocconei

I’m not sure whether the correct analogy is Alice through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole, however since serendipity kicked me into the garden blog domain I’ve become a plant voyeur. Perhaps I should re-phrase that to “virtual garden visitor” as I always feel that I’m invited into bloggers’ gardens rather than sneakily peering over the hedge.

It is more than an understatemant to say my garden is desolate in February – just a few stubborn daffodils doing their best – sorry chaps a wasted effort: a pollinator at this time of year in the Outer Hebrides no chance! So a garden world tour has been an antidote to the winter blues, a source of inspiration and dare I say envy. I have been blown over by a hillside of Crocus tommasinianus in Tennessee,  looked wistfully at snowdrops from the highlands of Scotland to west Wales and coveted a woodland carpeted with winter aconites in Pennsylvania. Alas this was mild compared with the craving induced by the hellebores.

However I was reminded this morning that it is Lent so with a wink to Old Harry I went to do penance in the polytunnel. I gave my one surviving hellebore a weak feed and gently transferred a little pollen between the flowers. Hardly the delicate fumbling of a bee but then beggards can’t be choosers.